House prices are up, and the supply is down across the United States, but buying a house is not as hard as you think it is. You just have to know where to look. Here are the top 3 cities where the real estate is easy on your pockets.

Buffalo, New York

Among urban areas with no less than one favourite game, Buffalo is known to be one of the most popular affordable places with an affordability index of 301.8. And keeping in mind that your automatic response may be “No doubt, however, it’s Buffalo!,” look closer as the city has completely turned onto a new leaf. Buffalo was the most extravagant city in America at the turn of the twentieth century, so it’s overflowing with historical destinations, similar to Colored Musicians Club, a tribute to the jazz culture that once permeated the roads and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex. The city is thinking of approaches to repurpose memorable structures, similar to the Hotel Henry or the Buffalo Riverworks, America’s first distillery inside a grain storehouse. Buffalo will genuinely leave you awestruck. What’s more, with such an affordable place to live in, there’ll be a lot of cash for fast winter getaways to Florida.

Population: 257,000

Median home price: $125,500

Annual income: $20,193

Lexington, Kentucky

If you love bourbon, you’re in luck! Kentucky is known to be from where 95% of the world’s bourbon comes from, which gives it the name ‘Distillery District’. Apart from Lexington being known as the City of Bourbon, it is also the second largest city in the state. Not long from now, Lexington will welcome Kentucky’s first food hall, which is called The Barn, since it sits in the focal point of Kentucky’s horse county. Pure breeds, tobacco cultivating, and University of Kentucky basketball are all as large as you’ve heard, yet the impact of the college and the alumni who’ve chosen to live here make it a standout amongst the most cosmopolitan mid-sized urban communities in America.

Population: 318,000

Median home price: $157,700

Annual income: $21,237


Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama’s greatest city, Birmingham, is a moderate and a very underrated place to live. As compared to the hectic traffic in Atlanta, here you can bring a kayak down the Cahaba River – a waterway with a huge variety than the majority of California’s waterways combined. Birmingham is also known to have one of America’s most underrated food communities, with contributions far past its popular grill. Honest Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill is the city’s most popular spot, yet with the opening of the Pizitz Food Hall, Birmingham has shown America it’s as flexible in its food as it is a simple, enriching spot to call home.

Population: 212,000

Median home price: $182,800

Annual income: $21,410