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"Science is simply common sense at its best."
-Thomas Huxley

Name Position/Classes Email Website
Michael Cox
Michael Cox Physics/ H
Astronomy - Solar System
Astronomy - Universe  
Bob Gowans Animal Science
Advanced Floriculture/PSC 1800
Natural Resources 1/2  
Bryan Hammond
Bryan Hammond H Biology
H Human Biology  
Donna Howsden
Donna Howsden Earth Systems
Joshua Johnsen
Joshua Johnsen Earth Systems  
Phillip Lundgreen
Phillip Lundgreen Chemistry
H Chemistry
Shannon Mower
Shannon Mower

Earth Systems
H Earth Systems
Janette Shields Animal Science
Vet Assist 2
Bio Ag
Ag Bus Comm  
Cole Snyder
Cole Snyder Chemistry  
Rick Spencer
Rick Spencer Intro Health
Med Anatomy
Sports Med
CE Sports Med
Med Terms  
Shelley Timothy
Shelley Timothy Biology  
USU Staff Banner Picture
USU Staff HTHS Medical Terminology
Biology 1010
Political Science 1500
Ted Vanderwerken
Ted VanDerwerken Earth Systems  
Anne Zeller
Anne Zeller Biology
Env Science Http://
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