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"Pure mathematics is, in it's way, the poetry of logical ideas."
-Albert Einstein

Name Position/Classes Email Website
Rebecca Bates
Rebecca Bates Math 3
Math 2
College Prep
Michael Cox
Michael Cox Math 1060  
Jennifer Dustin
Jennifer Dustin Math 2
Math Decision
Boyd Hazzard
Boyd Hazzard Math 1
Math 3  
Joshua Johnsen
Joshua Johnsen Math 2  
Shalon Jones-Miller
Shalon Jones-Miller H Math 2
H Math 3
Math 2  
Nicolaas Lems
Nicolaas Lems Math 3
H Math 1
Leah Lorton
Leah Lorton H Math 3
AP Calculus AB
Math 3
Patti Madole
Patti Madole Math Lab 1  
Michelle Mcinnes
Michelle Mclnnes Math 1
Math Lab 2
Shannon Proctor
Shannon Proctor Math 1
Math 2
Tyler Rydalch
Tyler Rydalch Math Remediation
Math 1
Math 3

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Math 1060
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