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Fine Arts

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

Fine Arts
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Erica Armstrong
Erica Armstrong

Ballroom Tech
Dance Company
Beg Dance
Social Dance
Ball room Dance
Intermediate/Advanced Dance  
Melissa Chalmers
Melissa Chalmers Oil Paint/AP
Draw 3/4 & 1020  
Scott Henrie
Scott Henrie Beginning Theater
History of Film
Music/Adv/Int Theater  
Terry McGovern Photo
Terry McGovern Stage Craft  
Frances Potter Photo
Frances Potter

Basic Photo
Foundations 2
Adv Photo
Digital Photo  
Marilyn Syra Photo
Marilyn Syra

Elem. Band
Woodwind Band
Jr. High Band
Brass Band
Ted VanDerwerken Photo
Ted VanDerwerken

Int/Adv Guitar
Beginning Guitar
Music Fund
Int Chorus
Womens Chorus
Adv Chorus  
Alan Watts Photo
Alan Watts Elem Orchestra
Chamber Str
JH orch/Music
Adv. Orchestra
Chris Wilcox Photo
Christopher Wilcox Hand Pottery
Adv Hand Pottery
Adv Wheel Pottery  
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