Dread Zone: Virtual Reality Horror Amusements

We have a variety of walkthroughs including...

  • Zombie Fun Run
  • Horror Clown House
  • Jailbreak
  • Haunted Graveyard
  • Angry forest
  • And more!

Virtual Reality Headset, worn within the park.

We Have a variety of horror themed rollercoasters with many different things happening, such as...

  • Zombies attacking tracks
  • Creatures attacking
  • Traveling through different styles of horror themed Places
  • Use laser guns to fight your way through!
  • For the kids we have made a section of the park with access to some of the same walkthroughs,with a cooled down fright scene. (only available from 10AM-3PM)
  • There is also an area where kids can enjoy things like, Dodgeball, Basketball, Frisbee, and other fun activities.